Are Electric Car Batteries Good?

Unless you’ve been living on a desert island for the last ten years or so, you know that electric vehicles(EVs) are becoming more and more popular. They offer an alternative to petrol or diesel fuelled vehicles that is safe, economical to operates, requires less maintenance, performs with superior efficiency, and is environmentally friendly.

EV Batteries

The power that drives an EV is the battery pack. Electric vehicles don’t use a single battery like your smartphone, but instead use a battery pack that contains thousands of individual lithium ion cells working together. Charging creates a chemical reaction within the battery pack which is reversed to create power for the electric motor or motors.

How Long do the Batteries Last?

The repeated charging and discharging cycles will cause the batteries to degrade over time and lose performance capabilities. However, most of these batteries carry a replacement warranty that can range up to 10 years or as long as 150,000 miles, depending on the manufacturer.

While these warranties can be very generous, it’s best to try to preserve your car’s battery for as long as possible, and there are some steps you can take in this effort.

  • Fully charging and discharging your battery can reduce its performance and lifespan. It’s recommended that you keep the car charged to 80% of it capacity and recharge it when it dips to 20%.
  • The frequent use of rapid charging systems may shorten your battery’s life. While these chargers can fully charge your battery quickly, they can wear it out sooner.
  • If you’re charging your battery more slowly with a home charging station, use it at night when the ambient temperature is lower.
  • If you’ve not going to be using the car for a time, don’t leave it fully charged. Keep the battery around half full and it will last longer.
  • Try to avoid temperature extremes, as they can affect the life of the battery and the range of the vehicle. If the weather is extremely hot out, try to park indoors or in the shade. If the weather is extremely cold, park indoors or in area that will receive the warmth of bright sunlight.
  • Just as with any other type of vehicle, rapid acceleration and hard use can shorten the life of an EV. It’s a better idea to drive your electric vehicle conservatively, start out slowly, and avoid hard braking.
  • Keep your EV clean and check the undercarriage for rust or corrosion on a regular basis.
  • Don’t store extra heavy gear in your car. The added weight of a set of golf clubs or other sports equipment will cost you both in range and battery power.

How Long do Electric Vehicle Last, Compared to Petrol Models?

While the electric vehicle market is booming, consumers want to know how long they’ll last when compared to petrol powered vehicles. Based on the experiences of drivers of both types of vehicles it would appear that their expected lifespans are very similar. While electric models may have the problem of deteriorating batteries and reduced driving range, conventional petrol powered cars have their own issues, and the electric vehicle’s overall cost of ownership is much lower.

Final Words

As the demand for electric vehicles continue to grow, there will be more experiential data to accurately estimate their lifespan. In addition, production costs and scientific advancements in battery technology will make the purchase of an EV more practical and will lower the cost of replacement batteries. Whether you buy a used EV or a new one, you can expect it to last as long or longer than a similar conventional petrol or diesel model.

Where to Buy Used Electric Cars

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