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Whether you are looking for a four-door sedan to get to and from work or something with a bit more space for your little ones, looking for a used car doesn’t have to be complicated. Finding and buying a used car doesn’t mean you have to arrange how to fund it on your own. Used Car Sales Direct offers unrivalled used car finance options perfect for Exeter and Wellington. We strive to ensure the car buying process is stress-free. Financing a used car allows you to shop for something you can’t live without. Further, it’s a convenient option for those who need help rebuilding credit or cannot fully pay for a car. To learn more about our financing options or to find the next car of your dreams, visit our lot today.

Explore the Benefits of Used Car Financing

There are several benefits to taking advantage of our used car financing options. Used car financing is a great way to help families with no other way of buying or owning a vehicle. Financing is a way to spread the cost of the vehicle over several months, making it more affordable. We’ve pulled together some of the most significant benefits of financing a used car, including:

  • Set Monthly Payments – Most financing options set fixed payments based on several factors. You’ll always know how much you must pay and when it’s due. This means no surprise fees.
  • You Can Finance a Car with Bad Credit – You don’t need perfect credit to finance a used car. We work with the best financial companies to offer various options for all credit ratings.
  • Build Your Credit Score – Financing a used car is an excellent way to improve your credit rating. Keeping up with monthly payments increases your credit score, making it easier to accept more loans in the future.
  • Upgrade Your Current Car – If you finance your car, you can usually get a better car than you usually would be able to.

Different Financing Options

We offer a wide selection of financing options to make finding your next vehicle as straightforward as possible. Our two most popular financing options are the Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) and Hire Purchase (HP). Both options allow you to spread the cost of your car over a fixed term with recurring monthly payments. Here is more information about both financing options:

  • Personal Contract Purchas (PCP) – PCP is one of the most popular ways to finance a used car. Depending on the model and factors, this method allows for a low or even zero deposit. This option has built-in flexibility as the terms are tailored to your preferred term, usually 24-48 months. These terms include annual mileage and the amount of deposit you place towards the car. This allows you to work with your lender to create monthly payments that better fit your budget. We have several cars eligible for PCP financing, and we encourage you to browse our inventory and act fast. Our stock is constantly rotating.
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  • Hire Purchase (HP) – Hire Purchase (HP) has been used for years to help families find the right car for their lifestyle. Once an initial deposit is made, the remaining balance is spread across a fixed term with routine monthly payments that are set. The more you put down for your deposit, the lower your payments will be. At the end of the agreement, the car is yours with nothing more to pay. HP agreements include no mileage restrictions and no charges for early settlement. Like PCP, we have a wide selection of eligible vehicles. If you see one you love, be sure to act fast!

How to Choose the Right Used Car Finance Option

When you start to look for a used car, we recommend checking your credit score by getting a report. Your report will provide insight into your likelihood of getting specific loans, which puts you in a better spot as you look at potential financing options. It’s important to consider your budget when looking at options. This will help ensure you won’t place yourself in a difficult financial situation, harming your credit score. Our team of seasoned financial experts is committed to working with you to review all available options to find the one that works with your budget while meeting all your needs.

Why Choose Used Car Sales Direct?

We’re a well-established, used call seller with years of experience and expertise. We proudly maintain a long-standing reputation as a leader in the automotive industry. Everyone at Used Car Sales Direct is passionate about helping every customer find their next dream car without exceeding their budget. Our team of finance professionals use their knowledge to tailor a wide range of financing solutions. You’re encouraged to browse our vast selection of high-quality used cars. All our used cars are directly selected and collected by our team, completely cutting out the middleman. This allows us to offer these cars at an affordable price without the need to add auction fees and more. Furthermore, we work with a range of lenders, enabling us to compare rates and provide our customers with the most competitive rates for our used cars.

Used Car Financing FAQs

Our team understands that financing a used car can be complicated and confusing. We’ve compiled some of the most commonly asked questions regarding used car financing that we receive or see. Reach our list, and if you have any questions or want additional information, give us a call. Our financial experts will happily work with you to find an excellent option. Here is our list of frequently asked questions:

  • What Do I Need to Apply for Financing Options? – To apply, you must be over 18 and have a valid UK driving license. Specific financing options may require additional information, and our team will work with you to gather this information.
  • Can I Finance Any Used Car? – We offer a more comprehensive range of financing options to help you drive home the used car of your dreams.
  • Can I Finance a Used Car if I Have Bad Credit? – Used Car Sales Direct works with several vendors to provide all our customers with a wide range of options.
  • Can I End My Finance Agreement Early? – It all depends on the option. Certain financing options require a specific amount, and some require the entire balance to be paid. If you’re considering ending your agreement early, we recommend reaching out and talking to your lender.

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We understand that families need to work within a set budget, so our team is doing everything we can to provide you with the best-used car financing deals possible. Each deal we offer suits your needs, ensuring you drive home happy. We encourage you to explore our online financing options, including our finance calculator. Once you have a budget, browse our inventory in the comfort of your home. If you find your next car, reach out to our team to discuss setting up an appointment for a test drive. We’ll work with you to find the right date and time while discussing potential financing options. Visit our lot or contact us to learn how we can help you find your next vehicle today.