Leather or fabric car seat: which is best

When you are shopping for a car, there are a number of decisions to make, from make and model to colour and trim. One important choice you will have to make is whether to get a vehicle with leather car seats or fabric car seats. Which do you prefer? You may have a strong personal preference, but if not, here are some factors to consider while you are making the decision about which is most practical for your new vehicle.

Consider Budget

Leather seats are more expensive, and they are seen as the more luxurious option. Leather has a lush feel that many people prefer to cloth, and it is stain-resistant but more expensive to replace if damaged. It is not particularly expensive to repair, replace, or customize fabric seats, and there’s a wide variation in terms of the quality of the cloth, while leather seats tend to be about the same in terms of quality and cost. Leather seats resist odours and respond better to seat-warmers, if that feature is important to you. Often, when you are looking at cars with leather seats, they will also have other luxury features, like premium sound systems, which will drive up the cost of the vehicle. For those on a budget, fabric car seats come out on top.

Resale value is another factor to consider

Cars with leather seats will be more expensive to purchase, as has been established. However, because leather seats are more costly upfront, and because they carry the cachet of being a luxury feature, they add value to the car when it comes time to sell it. Additionally, while leather tends to hold its value and look the same, the fabric can become dated, and when fabric seats are damaged, this devalues the vehicle dramatically. If you are thinking more about resale value than about what you are spending for the car, leather is the winner.

The next thing to think about is comfort

While many people prefer the feel of leather seats, and they are easy to slide across when the weather is cool, they can be uncomfortable on hot days. Bare legs and arms can stick to the surface, and when they heat up in the sunshine, leather seats will often get very hot. Cloth seats are softer and more breathable, and they do not hold heat and burn your skin, but they also do not feel as smooth, and they are harder to heat when it is cold outside. Ultimately, when it comes to comfort, choosing between fabric and leather is a subjective choice, and your personal preference is what matters most.

Maintenance is high on the list of concerns for many people

Leather seats smell new for longer and are easy to clean, as long as you use the special conditioners and cleaners made for cleaning them. Cloth seats do not require special cleaners but can be maintained with steaming or sponging. However, they stain easily, and it can be difficult to get spills or odours out of the fabric. Additionally, if you smoke in the car or have pets, cloth seats are likely to absorb odours that will diminish the car’s value in the second-hand market. With some intense scrubbing or detailing, though, these odours and stains can ultimately be removed. Leather seats are less likely to stain or rip, but more difficult to repair if they do. So, this is another area in which it comes down to personal preference.

For some people, there is an ethical factor to consider, as well

We have left for last the elephant- or more accurately, cow- in the room. Leather seats are, of course, made from cow hides. If you are a vegetarian or vegan, then, you will probably be more comfortable purchasing a vehicle with fabric seats. On the other hand, many vehicles on the market today have “leather look” upholstery, which is actually human-made. You will have to do some digging, though, to determine what you are actually purchasing.

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