Best Cars for Students

If you are a student, or if you have a student in your home, there are several reasons why it’s a good idea to purchase a reliable used car for them to drive. While not every student necessarily needs their own vehicle, if your student has a car, it can come in handy in a number of ways:

  • Commuting – Many students live off campus or in areas where public transportation isn’t available. If your student has a car, he can easily commute to and from his classes.
  • Accessibility – A vehicle can give a student the freedom to attend classes, access libraries, participate in extracurricular activities, and run errands for himself or the family .
  • Work opportunities – Having his own car will allow your student to provide his own transportation to a part time job.
  • Independence and social life – A car can provide students with a sense of independence and allows them to explore their surroundings, visit friends, attend social events, and enjoy recreational opportunities without relying on others for transportation.


One of the key factors to consider when purchasing a car is affordability. Setting up a budget is essential for responsible decision making in this regard. By opting for a used car, students can often find models in their desired price range that will still satisfy their transportation needs. Start by assessing the student’s income, expenses, and savings to determine how much they can reasonably afford. Besides the upfront cost of the car, take into account fuel, repairs, and insurance. The best option for most students would be a small car that is fuel efficient, such as a compact car or a small 4X4.

Many consumers these days lease their vehicles, and this may or may not be the best option for your student as compared to actually buying the vehicle. The main benefits of leasing are that there’s little to no down payment, and the monthly payments are usually less that they would be if you bought the same vehicle. The down side of leasing is that you don’t really own the car, so you don’t build any equity. In addition, at the end of the lease, you may be responsible for excess mileage charges, and if the car is damaged, that may also result in a penalty.


One of the most important considerations when shopping for a used new car is reliability. A student needs to know that their car will be dependable for daily commuting, attending classes, and managing their busy schedules. A reliable car will start consistently, perform well on the road, and need only routine maintenance or minor repairs. Reliability can also help to relieve the stress of frequent visits to the repair shop, saving your student both time and money.

When you begin shopping for (or with) your student, do some research to determine the best options. Check publications for reviews of various vehicles and look for what some sites describe as “best buys”. One you’ve landed on one vehicle, find out what you can about its history, and have it thoroughly inspected by an independent mechanic.


Safety should be one of your top priorities, as students are often new or inexperienced drivers and having a safe vehicle can significantly reduce the risk of accidents, and injuries. Look for cars with excellent crash test ratings, advanced safety features such as antilock brakes, traction control, and multiple airbags. There are other safety features such as lane departure warnings, forward collision warnings, and automatic emergency braking that will also help to keep your student safe. Prioritizing safety when selecting a student’s car helps provide peace of mind to both the student and their parents, ensuring that they’re protected in various driving scenarios.

Negotiating the Deal

The negotiating process starts long before you get to the car dealership with researching the market to know what similar cars are selling for. It’s essential to know what your budget can handle, and if you’re unable to reach a deal that work for you, be prepared to walk away and look for an alternative. Involving your student in the negotiating process can save you from paying too much, and it will provide a valuable life lesson for your student.


Finding the right car for a student can be a challenge, but if you establish a budget, do your research to find a safe, reliable, and affordable car, and then negotiate the best deal you can, it can turn out to be a very positive experience for you as well as for your student.

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