Tips for Saving Money on Travel During the Cost of Living Crisis

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While prices are increasing in nearly every capacity, you might be wondering how you can save money on traveling. Whether you commute to work every day or have family out of town, we all need a way to get around. Once you factor in car depreciation and other daily travel costs, it can add up quickly. However, there are some things you can do to help keep these costs down.

Our used car dealership in Wellington, Somerset has a full inventory of high-quality used cars available for a fantastic price. Whether you’re looking for a used car, van, or pick-up truck, we have something perfect for everyone. At Westpark Direct, we work hard to provide the best possible prices for our used cars so you can get the most value. The vehicles we keep in stock are constantly rotating, so you need to act quickly if you see something you like on our website. Below, we’ve included some of our best tips for cutting down travel costs.

Buy the Most Economical Fuel for Your Vehicle

You’ve probably seen all the fuel options when filling your vehicle with petrol or diesel. The manufacturers claim premium fuel offers economy and performance advantages while protecting your engine and keeping it clean. Unless you’re driving a high-performance vehicle, you’ll unlikely notice any improvements using more expensive premium fuel.

Swap Out Your Tyres for Economical Ones

The type of tyres you use on your vehicle makes a big difference in how economical your vehicle drives. You truly get what you pay for when purchasing tyres. While it might be tempting to go for the cheapest option, investing in a set of high-quality tyres is worth it. Not only do cheap tyres have longer stopping distances, but they hurt your vehicle’s fuel economy.

When shopping for your next set of tyres, look for tyres with an “A” rating. An A rating means the tyre decreases the energy lost through the tyre (referred to as low rolling resistance). Tyres with a G rating are the worst-performing type of tyres and increase CO2 emissions and fuel consumption.

Finance a Used Car Instead of Leasing

Typically, two options are available to someone interested in purchasing a vehicle who can’t pay with cash outright. They can either buy the car with financing or leasing. While leasing might cost less per month, you’re limited with things like modifications and mileage you can put on the vehicle each year. Once your lease is up, you have to give the vehicle back to the dealership because you’re not the owner.

When you buy a car and finance it, you’re making monthly car payments towards ownership. You’re building equity in your vehicle, as well as good credit. Once all your car payments are made, the vehicle is yours to do what you want.

Shop Around for Cheaper Auto Insurance

When shopping for car insurance, it’s useful to look at several different companies to compare quotes. Several price comparison sites are available to help you get the best deal possible while providing you with the necessary coverage. Keep in mind that a few insurance companies don’t disclose their insurance pricing online, so you’ll have to look those up separately.

Consider Car Sharing

Do you commute to work each day by car? You might consider setting up a car-sharing program to share the cost with others on your route. It’s easy if you can find co-workers who live near you, and some businesses even set up car-sharing schedules for their employees. It’s important to keep in mind if you’re the person driving, check with your insurance company:

  • That your policy covers you to carry passengers, and
  • Your vehicle is insured for the number of passengers you’ll be taking

Always remember your personal safety is the most crucial part of a car-sharing arrangement.

Service Your Vehicle Regularly

Making sure your car is maintained and receives regular service is a great way to save on repairs before small problems turn into bigger ones. An oil change might cost you around £100, but an expensive service to have your engine replaced is much more detrimental financially.

Save Money on Simple DIY Car Maintenance

Car maintenance costs can add up over time. If it’s neglected, repairs can be expensive and frustrating. Doing your own car maintenance is a great way to save money on travel costs. There are several simple maintenance tasks you can do on your own, including:

  • Change your oil
  • Check your fluids regularly
  • Check tyre pressure
  • Check bodywork for cracks or chips

Join a Car Club

When you join a car club, you can hire a car by the hour or the day. There are dedicated parking spots for vehicles around cities, and there’s likely one near you. Car clubs are much more convenient than car rental offices and can be utilised at any time of day or night. If you only use a car occasionally, this can be a much cheaper alternative to owning your own vehicle.

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