Top 14 Car Accessories & Gadgets for 2022

14 Car Accessories for 2022

If you’re like most people, you spend hours in your car every week. Don’t you deserve a safe, comfortable and convenient commute? Start the New Year right with these top 14 car accessories and gadgets for 2022.

Magnetic Phone Mount

Distracted driving is a major safety concern these days. Keep your phone’s GPS and music app within easy reach with a dashboard phone mount. Many styles are available, but a universal mount is the most versatile. Consider getting one that clips to your car’s air vent. Strong magnets keep your phone in place, no matter how bumpy the road gets. Just keep in mind that you’ll need to attach a metal plate to the back of your phone for this type of mount to work.

Car Phone Charger

GPS and music playback from your phone can drain the battery very quickly. That’s where a car phone charger comes in handy, especially on long road trips. You can find chargers that plug into the 12V receptacle, with USB ports for charging one or two phones at once.

Dashboard Camera

Dashcams have become very popular in recent years. They can capture noteworthy events on the road, but most importantly, they provide critical evidence if you get pulled over or are involved in an accident. Motion detection also allows dash cameras to serve as safety and security devices for your peace of mind.

Car Dustbin

Food wrappers, receipts, disposable cups and other trash tend to accumulate in the car. Instead of stuffing cup holders, door panels and other crevices with rubbish, keep your car tidy with a handy dustbin. Look for one made of leak-proof materials and versatile mounting straps.

Weatherproof Car Mats

Loose rubbish isn’t the only thing that makes your car look unkempt. Snow, mud, and food and drink spills are also common causes of vehicle carpet stains. Keep your car looking like new with rubber or plastic floor mats, which are far easier to clean than the native carpet.

Heated Travel Mug

There’s nothing worse than lukewarm coffee or tea. Keep your morning beverage hot for your entire commute with a travel mug that plugs into your car’s 12V outlet. Temperature control settings, stay-cool handles and anti-spill lids ensure a pleasant experience.

Portable Mini Fridge

It’s beneficial to have a way to transport milk, yoghurt or other perishables in your car, especially on road trips. A cooler could be a good choice, but for maximum temperature control, consider a portable mini fridge you can plug into your car’s 12V outlet. Just remember to only use the fridge when the engine is running, or you’ll risk draining the car battery.

Car Battery Booster

Have you ever tried to start your car only to find that the battery is dead? Usually, there’s nothing for it but to find a kind-hearted person to help you jump your car. You should always keep jump leads on hand just in case, but a car battery booster allows you to start a dead battery without a second vehicle. This could be a lifesaver if your battery dies in the middle of nowhere.

Phone Signal Booster

A dead car battery is bad enough, but imagine not having a cell phone signal to reach anyone when you’re stranded in the middle of nowhere. With a phone signal booster, you can turn one bar of reception into two bars, helping your phone work more effectively as a mobile hotspot. This car gadget is undoubtedly a wise investment if you routinely go on adventures far from civilisation.

Car Backseat Organiser

Are you tired of your kids leaving your car a mess? If so, a backseat organiser could be the car accessory for you. This mounts to the driver and front passenger seats, with handy pockets and holders for everything from tablets, phones and drinks to magazines, tissue boxes and mini umbrellas. Even if you don’t have kids, having a place to store these items helps keep your car clean and organised.

Smart Tyre Safety Monitor

You know to check your tyre pressure before leaving on a road trip, but do you remember to keep an eye on it from day to day? With a smart tyre safety monitor, you receive slow leak alerts directly on your phone. This warns you of low pressure that could lead to dangerous blowouts. You can even use the gadget to help optimise your tyre pressure for maximum fuel efficiency.

Portable Tyre Inflator

Once you know your tyre pressure is low, what do you do next? With a portable tyre inflator, you can pull over anywhere and top off your tyres as needed by using your car’s 12V outlet or tapping directly into the battery terminals. Find a model with a digital pressure readout and a nice, long cord so you can walk around your car without difficulty.

High-Quality Torch

It’s always wise to have a torch in your car in case of night-time breakdowns. Look for a high-quality model with a bright LED beam that illuminates exactly what you want to see. A waterproof and impact-resistant case is also an important feature for durability.

Car Seat Cover for Dogs

How do you take your dog on car rides without mud, fur and other debris covering your backseat? Are you looking for a way to keep your pup secure and comfortable during outings? The solution is to use a car seat cover for dogs. These come in many varieties to accommodate different car seat styles and dog breeds.

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