What are the Benefits of Used Nissan Cars?

Reasons to Buy a Used Nissan at Our Taunton, Somerset Dealer

Although new cars have that pleasant new car scent, more people are skipping the hefty new car price tag and buying a secondhand car. Today’s used cars are more reliable than ever, making it a breeze to find one fitting your criteria and budget. If you’re looking for a quality used car in Wellington, Westpark Direct offers many excellent choices at our dealership near Taunton, Somerset. Used Nissans are among our best-sellers due to their numerous benefits. You can find all your favourite features in a used Nissan vehicle without breaking the bank. Keep reading to see why used Nissans come so highly recommended.

Used Nissans Cost Less Than New Nissans But Have Same Features

It’s no secret you can save money buying a secondhand car. On average, used cars are priced about 50% lower than their newer counterparts. Buying a slightly used Nissan may knock thousands of pounds off the sticker price but still offer you the modern features you desire. You might even be able to afford a model with a luxury upgrade like a moonroof if you don’t mind getting a slightly older car.Manufacturing improvements have resulted in current cars providing years of reliable road trips and fond memories that will last a lifetime. Nissan has a reputation for vehicles that hold their value due to their superior performance and comfort. If you’re shopping for a used Nissan in Wellington, Westpark Direct has hundreds of used cars for sale at a time, including used Nissan cars, trucks, and SUVs. We’ll work with you to add all the custom upgrades necessary to create the Nissan of your dreams.

Enjoy Less Depreciation With a Secondhand Nissan Vehicle

Depreciation occurs almost as soon as you drive away in your new car. However, a used car doesn’t lose its value as quickly as a brand-new one. More than 50% of a car’s depreciation will occur within the first five years of ownership. Buying a used car helps you avoid much of this depreciation to enjoy a better return on your investment. While it’s true buying a used car that’s one to two years old will save you money, you’re better off finding one four to five years old after that initial hit in value.

Get the Best Deal Possible With a Certified Pre-Owned Nissan

Nissan’s certified pre-owned vehicle program helps shoppers find the best deal on secondhand cars. Vehicles less than six years old with fewer than 80,000 miles may qualify for this program. Nissan thoroughly inspects vehicles before certifying them and often offers an extended warranty on their powertrains and future roadside assistance. Certified pre-owned vehicles give people peace of mind when buying a used car.

Why Choose Westpark Direct for Secondhand Nissans?

Westpark Direct specialises in quality used cars in Wellington. From Nissans to Fords, Fiats, Hondas, BMWs, and Audis, we carry a diverse selection to fit every lifestyle and budget. Even if you’re a first-time buyer with less-than-perfect credit, we make it easy to apply for the best used car finance deals. Because we source many of our vehicles from our South West Nissan businesses in Wellington, Exeter, and Barnstaple, we can offer at-trade prices not found in other dealerships. Browse our reviews to see how we take some of the stress out of used car shopping in Somerset.

Buy a used Nissan in Taunton, Somerset

When you purchase a secondhand Nissan, you’ll become part of the growing community of satisfied Nissan owners worldwide. Online forums have sprung up with Nissan owners reaching out to each other for troubleshooting tips, customisation concerns, and more. View our selection of used Nissans in Wellington and Taunton today. Thanks to our state-of-the-art service centre, Westpark Direct can also help you keep your used Nissan in tip-top shape. Please contact us with any questions about our inventory. You can find our used car dealership conveniently located in the Westpark Business Park, just off the M5’s Junction 26 outside of Wellington in Somerset. We’re open Monday through Saturday!